Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Back to the bloody Balkans…again

Well, as predicted, on February 17, 2008 (another day that will live in infamy in the Serbian heart and mind) the illegal puppet Kosovar(sic) Albanian regime in Pri┼ítina declared it’s “independence” (considering that the Serbian province of Kosovo has been governed the last 9 years by UNMIK with no connection to Serbia, it is unclear just what independence and from whom this declaration was made).

Again, as in 1999, various ‘pundits’ are banging on about how “Belgrade lost any right over Kosovo due to their brutal treatment of the Albanian majority.” Odd. Virtually contemporaneous with NATO’s gang rape of Yugoslavia, Turkey was deeply involved in bloodily putting down their own insurgency by the Kurds. In brutality, bloodiness and numbers of innocent civilian casualties, the Turkish suppression of the Kurds was orders of magnitude worse than the Serbian operations against the KLA in Kosovo in 1998-1999. Yet, somehow, it was not even suggested that the Kurdish region of Turkey be forcibly separated from Turkey nor that, due to the heavy handedness of the Turks, that Turkey had lost any right over the predominantly Kurdish populated section of Turkey.

I well recall how in the period immediately subsequent to NATO’s gang rape of Serbia (June 1999 onwards) there were myriad attacks by members of the KLA and Kosovar Albanians on non-Albanian Kosovars (primarily Serbs but also Kosovar Jews, Roma, Gorani, etc.). In less than a year following the cessation of the NATO bombings, over 1,000 Serbs had been brutally murdered while another more than 1,000 Serbs had been ’disappeared’ and presumed dead. ALL these attacks were ’justified’ by the ’pundits’ and reporters as ’revenge’ attacks. This on the basis of the insanely inflated casualty numbers bruited about by the Western press (“100,000 Kosovar Albanians missing and probably dead”, “mass killings of Kosovar Albanians, at least 50,000”, “mass graves containing the remains of 10,000 murdered Albanians”), all these claims were proven to be endless recitations of Clinton administration propaganda and totally and completely baseless. After NATO forces occupied the province and searched it with a fine tooth comb, less than 3,000 bodies could be turned up, Albanian and Serb, who had been primarily killed in the NATO bombing itself or in armed conflict with Serbian forces.

Now we are enduring the spectacle of Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, waxing apoplectic about "They had an obligation to protect diplomatic missions, and, from what we can tell, the police presence was either inadequate or unresponsive at the time.", while the U.S. (and its major toadies and ‘allies’) continence the explicit abrogation of UNSC Resolution 1244, the Helsinki Final Act and the entire Westphalian order! What cheek! What effrontery! What chutzpah! What Ms. Rice fails to address is the fact that the police have found serious evidence that the firing of the U.S. Embassy was, in all likelihood, the work of agent provocateurs, very likely in the pay and under the control of foreign (dare we say, “Western”?) intelligence agencies! What better way to distract attention from peaceful demonstrations in Belgrade of over ½ million Serbs than to have a small handful of ’drunk soccer hooligans’ setting the U.S. Embassy alight and provide an arguable casus belli for the U.S. and its miserable minions to once again assail the Serbs and their government?
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